About Us

IPB Capital is a global venture capital firm based in Singapore. We aim to invest in founders of promising fintech and blockchain start-ups, with the objective of building successful companies width our expertise and business network.

We will work with start-ups who have unique and disruptive business models and strive to unlock their full potential as industry leaders and sector/market transformers.

Building a successful support platform to empower like-minded entrepreneurs







With a deep background in finance and tech, our team is adept at identifying valuable opportunities with emerging technology markets and appropriately capitalizing on them. Tap onto the team’s abundant knowledge and gain access to greater networks to help pinpoint the correct direction for vast scaling and growth.

All our investments undergo meticulous due diligence and proper risk management to yield a long-term vision of building a massively successful company.

Business Network

We have the ability to bring on synergistic business partners to offer collaboration opportunities for the start-ups to grow exponentially.


Our team consists of seasoned operators and former founders with deep domain expertise in tech, sales, product marketing, design, and finance.

Operational Strength

We are able to help deploy a strong team of developers and specialists that can amplify your growth with speed and scalability.

Regional Expansion

We have experience in market expansion with multiple operations and partners in countries such as Vietnam, China, and Singapore.

Paul Bao
Excutive Director
Fong Ming Sing
Executive Director
Recent Portfolio

The emergence of the blockchain technology has gradually transformed and disrupted the traditional financial sector. With characteristics of decentralisation coupled with strong data integrity, blockchain technology sparks massive interest globally, even supported by governments as it leaves a highly traceable audit trail.

We invest in companies that provide blockchain products, services, or solutions due to our belief in the long-term disruptive impact of this new technology. Our experts have a vast array of knowledge in dealing with blockchain project frontier services and can provide proper guidance and landing support for enterprises at home or abroad.


Fintech is rapidly gaining traction around the globe and across applications as more companies are increasingly integrating financial products into their service offerings. This is because financial services are the central nervous system of every economy, and only the surface has been scratched in terms of growth and development of fintech.

We strongly believe in the untapped potential and evolution of the financial services industry with opportunities to fundamentally reinvent and redefine old models, products, solutions, and services that can help to simplify money management for consumers with greater convenience and transparency.


The SaaS market continues to grow as more traditional business shifts their operation over online and to the cloud platform. We believe that SaaS is now the gold standard for businesses, from old-school accounting firms to bleeding-edge artificial intelligence start-ups, and from small family-owned shops to large MNCs. The usage and demand for SaaS products has grown dramatically over the years and we see this trend continuing.

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